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Laurie Millard
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Jessica Millard

My name is Jessica Millard I am Laurie's youngest daughter and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia n 2011. I am a 29 year old single mother of an amazing son who has Asperger's.. Gratefully I am working at the same job I have had for 9 years.  Although some days it's easier than others. I come home from work and climb in bed and that's it. for the day. My son ends up helping me. 

I am learning the best I can do. Is my best.
About Fibromyalgia , Chronic Pain, Mental Health and Grief Online Support Group 
The Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Mental Health and Grief Online Support Group. I Hope you find helpful information and encouragement as you walk through your health and emotional ups and downs. You can also contact us directly by clicking on the Contact Us link. 

Fibro Hugs

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I'm Laurie I was diagnosed in 1999. I felt like it was the end of my world. I couldn't remember, I got lost all the time. I was very scared..

I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Balance disorder, arthritis, IBS, carpal tunnel and lumbar laminectomy syndrome. 

I treat my pain as naturally as possible because of all the co-conditions and the side effects that the meds. have on my other conditions. I get dizzy very easily so anything that "may cause dizziness: WILL cause dizziness.

I am raising my 7 year old autistic grandson after my oldest daughter was killed in 2014. Since then I have experienced some pretty severe fibro exacerbations. 

When I was first diagnosed they would have scared me to no end! Now I know to take out my "tool kit" and slow down until it passes and then I can get back to my regular routine. Mostly my tool kit contains a lot of gentle self talk, like you would to your best friend if she or he was not feeling well. 

I feel disappointed with myself like anyone else living with a chronic health condition. There are things and functions I can not attend with with my grandson.  My family is great at reminding me what I am doing for him. Loving him, helping his world restablilize after losing his mother. When I talk down to myself and get frustrated it only increases the exacerbations.  

I enjoy going to the movies, out to dinner with my family  and friends. When I walk out of the movies I may need help and I squirm a lot in the seats from my back pain. I walk with a crutch at times. I have prescription pain patches and I have a TENS unit I wear for pain control. 

 Then there's THOSE DAYS, when I can't get out of bed, it takes everything I have to move and forget about completing an intelligent thought. I have learned it will pass. 

Dr. Thomas Polucki of Santa Clarita spoke at the SCV Fibromyalgia Support Group and he told the group "until you give Fibromyalgia no more importance than a headache you won't get better"

Now before you stop reading, he wasn't talking about "cured" He was talking about living a full life, not letting it define your life. 
You can have a good life even with chronic pain .

I share my story with you  to help bring hope to you that chronic health problems are not the end of the line. . You may get glimpses of "the old you". It is difficult to not be the person you were. You will have to grieve the loss of that person. As you do you can emerge out of the other side.  Knowing what your limitations are but enjoying life none the less.

Fibro hugs